How to Use


Don’t rub perfume into your skin

Rubbing perfume into your skin causes the top notes to fade and evaporate before they can settle. You want your perfume to slowly mix with your skin’s natural oils—it’s what makes your scent last and smell slightly unique to you.

Spray it onto your pulse points

To apply perfume to your pulse points, spritz or dab it (remember, don’t rub) on a few or all of them, and your fragrance will linger all day.

Where you store your perfume matters

Water, humidity, and drastically changing temperatures can change a perfume’s composition and cut short the shelf life of your favorite bottle. Store your fragrance in a cool, dark, dry place.

Spritz, then walk into your perfume

Spray your perfume in front of you, then walk right into it and back out. This will leave a light layer on your clothes, and make sure you’re covered (without overdoing it).

Feel free to spray your clothes

Perfumes interacts with clothing differently than skin, so it’ll probably smell lighter or slightly different. Spray on your clothing to enjoy a light wafting of your favorite perfume that will travel with you, wherever you go.